Durational performance, 1 hour

Concept, performance, live sound: Miriam Kongstad and Stine Frandsen

Ceramic sculptures by Ursula Nistrup

Part of HUMAN NATURE at Galleri Les Gens Heureux, Copenhagen, DK


Three Body Dance is a performative installation developed in relation to sculptures by the artist Ursula Nistrup. The two performers transition from one position to the other in a slow pace allowing a non-spectacular event to take place. Like the sculptures the human bodies do not have faces - they are anti-social in relation to the viewer and can be experienced as materials shaped as constructions and architectural forms. Drawing on inspiration from The Carrier Bag by Ursula Le Guin both the bodies and the sculptures are approached as containers - dividing, protecting, preserving, containing. One of the most basic human activities. While the bodies slowly move themselves over time, communication is acted out between all the elements through simple ‘sound words’ and gentle touches relating to primordial means of communication.

Photos by Rebekka Elisabeth Anker-Møller