Holy Progression



Performance, 35 minutes

1 performer, pink inflatable pilates ball, 3 square plastic pillows in orange, white costume.

Concept, choreography, performance, scenography, sound: Miriam Kongstad

Premiered at Uferstudios, Berlin, DE.


Holy Progression is a performance based on explorations of propensities, tendencies and fashions. By critically reflecting our present time the work scrutinises a society applauding optimisation and technological advancement.The research began as an awareness and attention given to the influences and effects on the body caused by technology and speed in the everyday. From here physical material expanded in various directions and abstractions emphasising states of over-stimulation, modes of motion and an intoxication of possibilities. The research finally crystallised into a so called HYPER BODY - contemplating the (in e)qualities of an existence in limbo between human being, machine and animal.

Photos by Eva Bertram