Cut Out Reality



Durational performance/happening, approximately 4 hours

6 performers, cell phones, prefabricated bread, cultivated flowers, white costumes, everyday clothing.

Concept, choreography, instruction, manuscript: Miriam Kongstad

Performance: Anna Jarrige, Alistair Watts, Ivan Björn Ekemark, Julia Kreutzer, Sunayana Shetty, Zuzanna Ratajczyk.

Part of 3AM at Flutgraben, Berlin, DE.


CUT OUT REALITY is a durational performance and happening infiltrating its milieu as an endogenous mass. Performers are acting out fake phone calls consisting of scripted mono- and dialogues. Some performers function as ‘walking metaphors’ dressed in white, carrying prefabricated white bread and cultivated flowers. Other performers function as furtive visitors. The work takes place at the interface between fiction and reality and crumbles the distinction between the two.